CH Absolute Angels Turbo Rocks "Levi" Attended On Safari 2013,
Making us Proud
At Only Eight Months of age Competing Against Mature Adult Cats
Bengal Congress:  Levi Placed 6th Best of Congress Adult Out of Three Rings Levi Won
a 2nd and an 8th Place Best Finals
Breeders Choice Awards: Levi Received Awards for Best
Bengal Adult Head First Time EVER, Earl Shropshire's Most Glamorous Bengal Best Adult Bengal Male

Absolute Angels Turbo Rocks
"Levi" aka "Leo"
Born June 24, 2012 - Sire: Turbo Charged - Dam: TecSpot Dewey Rocks
SBT 062412 028

CH Absolute Angels Dinner is on Me

Born March 8, 2011 - Sire: TecSpot Dare Devil - Dam: Leopards Realm I've Got You BabeSBT
030811 007

Sushi Has Done Very Well in the Show Rings
Jazzy Cats, Sacramento, California, January 6-8, 2012
Alice Rhea
7th Place Final + Canie Brooks Specialty 10 Place Final

East of Eden Cat Fanciers, Monterey, California, February 25-26, 2012
Canie Brook Specialty
7th Place Final

Jazzy Cats, Sacramento, California, March 2-4, 2012
Canie Brooks
3rd Place Final + Mimi Tsurouko 9th Place Final
SGC Cavscot Twister
Twister was Visiting us and Received the Balance of
The Needed Points and Finals for his RW SGC
DGR Boomer & CH Van Gogh
CH Absolute Angels Aries
Absolute Angels Ares Attended On Safari 2013
Bengal Congress:  Ares Placed 3rd Best of Congress Altered Adult
Out of Three Rings Ares Won a BEST Cat, 3rd and 5th Place Finals
Breeders Choice Awards: Ares Received Best Alter Adult Bengal

Absolute Angels Ares
Born May 8, 2011
Sire: TecSpot Dare Devil "Aussie" -
Dam: Absolute Angels Ima Bengal Too “Pantera”
GRC Absolute Angels Sum Tings Wong
Sire: TecSpot Dare Devil
Dam: Absolute Angels Ima Bengal Too
Born December 29, 2010
Sumi's First Show
Cal Expo, Sacramento
October 1 - 2 2011

BEST Bengal Adult Cat of Show

Alex C. Best of Breed - 5th Place Final
Edith M. S. Best of Breed - 5th Place Final
Alice R. Best of Breed - 6th Place Final
Connie W. Best of Breed - 10th Place Final
Laurie S. Best of Breed
Marion Y. Best of Breed